Unbusy Minute #1: Social Media Systems

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Social media is a buzzword that defines the most recent phase of internet evolution. Unfortunately, most people are familiar with "social media" as a buzzword but are unable to define it.  Even fewer know how to leverage the social aspect of the internet to create a measurable return on the time spent on social media sites.

Wikipedia defines social media as "web-based and mobile technologies used to turn communication into interactive dialogue".

From memory, I believe that Gary Vaynerchuk defined social media as "the freaking internet, baby!" (my apologies to you Gary if my quote is slightly off-base). :)

In order to effectively use social media within a business environment, it is important that you develop and implement a set of simple systems that enable you to:

  1. Engage on one or more social media networks (that you purposely use) in a consistent manner
  2. Take predefined actions on a weekly, daily or monthly basis that increase engagement and further develop your relationship with prospects and/or customers
  3. Build documented systems that you can delegate to team member(s) or outsource to a third-party

Systems are the key to transforming social media from an online sandbox to something that provides true business results and competitive differentiation.  Companies such as Zappos have figured it out.  Individuals such as Gary V. and Michael Hyatt have figured it out, too.

What about you?  How would you evaluate your current use of social media systems?  For some of you, social media sites may be sabotaging your ability to get things done.  For others of you, it may be time that you stop looking at social media as a "side action" and begin to proactively and intentionally design actions into your day.  Whatever your current situation, I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you further about ways that you can leverage social media systems in your own business.

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