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Mike Michalowicz, a good friend and business colleague of mine, recently released his new book The Pumpkin Plan, and immediately moved itself into one my recommended reads for 2012. Mike sent me a review copy that I plowed through recently and wanted to provide you with a book review on the heels of the book release.

Overview: In The Pumpkin Plan, Mike Michalowicz (author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur) does a masterful job of drawing important business parallels from an obscure, pumpkin farming industry.  He outlines the key parts of the process that are required to grow world-record size pumpkins and relates them directly to a proven process for building a profit-producing and sustainable business.  In Mike's "straightforward" sort of way, this book opened my eyes about some points, reminded me of principles on which I have been slacking and provided me with a nudge to make additional changes to my business.

Pros: First, I dig Mike's writing style.  At times it is gruff and some might even stretch to call it offensive.  However, I have personally experienced Mike's "say it as it is" approach and I can vouch that his personality is reflected in his writing.  I tend to like his approach...even if it's because my alter ego wishes that I could write in this style.  Second, I'm all about process.  Mike breaks down the pumpkin-growing process into seven steps and then applies them in a business environment.  Quite frankly, this step-by-step approach is exactly how I like to write (and evidently read, too).  Each step is digested, reinforced with a real-world story and then solidified with further explanation and an action-based assignment.

Cons: Mike mentions often in his book the need to systematize your business.  However, he stops short of detailing HOW to go about doing so which may leave some readers scratching their head.  As a systems guy, I'm ok with where the focus was placed (and selfishly was happy because it means more business owners looking for systems help).  In fairness to Mike, developing business systems is not the primary focus of his book and he consistently left the systems part to be further pursued by the reader.

How This Book Relates To Busyness: Everything that we do at Busyness.com is about reducing distractions, eliminating the unnecessary, and engaging in meaningful actions.  Several steps of The Pumpkin Plan process are in strong alignment with the principles of getting out of busyness.  The most important of which involves focusing on your top clients.  Mike covers in detail the need to "fire all of your small-time, rotten clients".  From a business perspective, any activities that involve your top clients is what is meaningful to you.  Unfortunately, it is too easy and too common that we business owners become buried in small clients or day-to-day operational stuff that pulls us away from what we should be doing.

My Recommendation: In a world that is filled with opportunity (distractions), it is this same opportunity that has hindered my business growth in the past.  I know firsthand with my clients that it hinders the growth for many entrepreneurs and business owners.  There isn't anything in The Pumpkin Plan that is "rocket science" but it does convey solid, business-building advice that is timely for anyone at the helm of a business in today's busy society.  I highly recommend that you pick-up your copy of The Pumpkin Plan today and move it to the top of your reading list.

  • Kevin

    Great, honest book review, Brad! Did you see the video I shot for the book launch?
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbHi9b_hhCU Enjoy!

  • http://www.MikeMichalowicz.com/ Mike Michalowicz

    Thanks so much for this review, Brad!!!!

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