"I Hate Gurus" Interview With Mike Michalowicz (Toilet Paper Entrepreneur)

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Michelob & Shlitz (actually two brands of beer)
Mickelson & Schmidt (maybe 2 golfers?)
Mickle Pits (something to do with pickles?)
Mi-Clap-O-Lits (this sounds nasty!)
Rotch (his buddies used to call him this)
"That's not candy weight, that's baby fat" (he called himself this today)

Have you ever heard of Mike Michalowicz? If not, maybe you know him as the Toilet
Paper Entrepreneur (TPE)? Or you have possibly read his best-selling book?

Anyways, this guy is money. A true entrepreneur who has started several multi-million
dollar businesses and is now a popular face on MSNBC, American Express, etc.

Mike and I sat down to chat for a few moments and I grilled him about some entrepreneurial
myths and a couple of his recommended 'Action Units'.

Pay attention to the 4:38 mark where Mike shares an amazing Action Unit (AU) and be sure to leave a comment. Enjoy!

By the way, his last name is pronounced mi-CAL-o-witz (now we're getting somewhere). :) Check him out at Toilet Paper Entrepreneur!

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