Guidelines For Guest Blogging

Guest posting has been an important tool for me to gain additional exposure to my platform over the past few years. However, the Busyness Blog has been built on 100% of my own written content and until now, I had never considered accepting content from a guest blogger.

Guest Blog Opportunity
Effectively immediately, I will begin accepting guest post submissions for my blog.  I am seeking content partners who have (or can produce) written content that aligns with at least one of my primary writing topics (Busyness, Systems, Technology, Entrepreneurship, All B.S.).

Publishing Schedule
My initial plan is to publish no more than one guest post per week; the post will be made either on Wednesday or Friday according to my publishing schedule.

Post Editing
I may edit your post for grammar, spelling and/or punctuation in a way that does not change the core message of your post. If more substantial edits are required, I will contact you to discuss.

Post Guidelines
Your post must meet the following requirements in order to even be reviewed for use.

  1. Your post must consist of original content (yes, I will be checking for originality of each post using industry-leading software for plagiarism checking: TurnItIn).
  2. You must not have previously published the submitted content either on the Web or in print.
  3. You must agree to NOT publish the content anywhere else, including your own blog or Web site (you may, however, post a brief overview or summary on your website that links to the post).
  4. Your post should be between 250 and 800 words (if you elect for content that is closer to 250 words you must pack a “powerful punch” - short-writing is harder than you might think).
  5. Your post CANNOT advertise a product or service.
  6. You may provide two author byline links including one for your website or blog and the second for your Twitter handle, i.e. @bradsemp (optional)
  7. You may only submit ONE (1) blog post at a time.  Please DO NOT submit another blog post until you hear back from me on the status of your previously submitted one.

Not every post that is submitted will be published. As Michael Hyatt so eloquently states for his guest bloggers, “the fact that you have written a post and submitted it to me does not obligate me to publish it”. I am primarily looking for unique content that I believe provides a substantial level of value to my readers. Just as important in my approval decision is your plans to evangelize and get viewers to your post. I view a guest blogger the same as one of my business partners; we are creating a win-win relationship where I’ll help get eyeballs to your site and you help get eyeballs to my site (both via your post). If I reject your post for any reason, it is obviously your content and you are free to use (publish) it in anyway you would like.

How To Submit Your Post
If your post meets the requirements as outlined above, simply complete this guest blog post submission form. Write your post separately before attempting to complete the form. Please be sure to complete every field in the form (all are required) and paste your blog post using TEXT ONLY (no HTML formatting allowed). Once I receive your submission, you can expect to hear from me or someone on my team within two (2) weeks.

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