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Brad Semp Cashmap Founder  
Dear Evernote beginners,
experts and junkies,

My name is Dr. Brad Semp. I am the founder of, creator and host of the Busyness TV show and am also the guy behind Cashmaps®.

Eight years ago I stood with a large stack of papers in front of the main copy machine at work. I spent hours scanning every single document and converting it into a PDF file. I remember it being some of the most painful hours of my life. However, I didn't care because I knew that I was well on my way to enjoying a paper-free life.
I was sick and tired of the papers piled on my desk. I was annoyed by the clutter. It bothered me every time that I opened a file cabinet to find manila folders carrying documents that I hadn't looked at in years.
"Why do I need paper?" I asked myself. I really couldn't come up with a good answer and it was at that time that I set forth to achieve "Paperless Living".
My Life Before Evernote
After investing tens of hours scanning documents, I spent even more time moving and organizing hundreds of PDF files on my work computer. I created and deleted folders, re-organized others and moved files around in search of a way to organize all of the "crap".
Before long, I realized that my dream of ridding my life of paper just wasn't possible. I couldn't find anything in the nest of folders that I had created on my computer. I didn't have time to name every file and there was no way of seeing the content of each file without having to open it up. To make matters worse, I had to be in the office and on my computer to search for anything.
My Life After Evernote
Fast-forward to today. Evernote arrived and is exactly what I was looking for back in 2004. It's now one of the fastest growing applications on the Internet today. The Evernote user base grew from 20 million to a reported 34 million over the past six months alone.
Their growth doesn't surprise me. As one of their 34+ million users, I have adopted Evernote almost as a second heart. It has become an essential tool in all aspects of my life. From managing mail and bills to storing children's memoirs...from organizing Christmas ornament lists to managing client projects...Evernote is the heartbeat of my daily actions.
Everything that I touch nowadays ends up in Evernote. Every day I upload images, diagrams, maps, handwritten notes, audio files, blog posts, ideas, websites, research data, references, grocery lists, sports information and much, much more!
Unlike 8 years ago, this time I'm easily able to organize the content and am able to find whatever I need in seconds. Better yet I can store stuff and retrieve it from any device and from anywhere in the world!
But Saving & Searching Stuff Is NOT Enough
Everyone should be using Evernote. The young, the old, women, men, entrepreneurs, corporate workers, executives, stay-at-home parents and everyone else needs to have an Evernote account. You need to be storing stuff in Evernote. You need to be searching and retrieving stuff from Evernote. Just using it at a basic level will help you to be more organized and productive.
However, as an avid Evernote user the past few years, there's one little secret thing that transforms Evernote from a "cool app" to a powerful secret weapon in your life and business.
There's so much focus on HOW the Evernote tool works. How do you add content to Evernote by sending an email? How can you automate your computer so that it sends files to Evernote without you having to do anything? How do you search for stuff?
All of those are important questions. But the one little secret thing that skyrockets the power of Evernote is when you focus on Evernote Strategies.
An Evernote Strategy is a "plan or vision for how you are going to use Evernote to achieve an intention (goal) in your life".
The easy part is learning HOW to use Evernote. The more important qustion, however, is WHAT are you using it for? Ultimately, you should be using it to help you to be more productive or to achieve some other goal in your life. This is the piece that most Evernote users miss.
Everyone is so focused on HOW to use the tool that they miss the most important part...WHAT are you trying to achieve? WHAT Evernote Strategies are you using?
Welcome To Evernote for Busy People
Frankly, I've become fed up with the basic and boring training about HOW to use Evernote. That's the easy part. Anyone can show you HOW to add stuff, organize it and search to find it. And to be fair, you must know these basics so I'm still going to cover them. However, more importantly, you need to know WHAT you are trying to accomplish by using Evernote...or you are simply wasting your time.
This program has been designed in a way to make sure that you learn basics of using Evernote AND to share important Evernote Strategies that you can put to use. It has an easy-to-follow format like our other popular training programs.;
First, we've constructed a single, step-by-step Strategy Map that shows you how to put Evernote on steroids. We also provide a 'Module At A Glance' document (we affectionately refer to as the MAAG) that outlines the main objectives and every detailed action in this training module. Next we hand over a 23 page workbook that guides you through the entire Evernote 101 module. And finally, we jam pack the member's area with 26 how-to videos, templates and other resources to make this the best online training course for Evernote.
Evernote Videos
Evernote Strategies
Everything I just outlined super-sizes your knowledge about how to use Evernote. However, even more important is identifying the WAYS in which you can apply Evernote in your life and business. This is where our detailed Evernote strategies come in.
We're going to start you off with many of our most popular strategies for leveraging the power of Evernote. Each strategy is documented in an easy-to-follow "one sheet" and a video that outlines WHAT the strategy is and HOW to put it into action.
So here's everything that you get in our Evernote for Busy People training module:
Evernote 101 Online Course
  Evernote 101 InfoGraphic   Evernote 101 Infographic:
Professionally-designed infographic in PDF format that shows you the 6 core steps to dominate with Evernote!
  Evernote 101 Strategy   Evernote 101 Strategy Map:
A 30,000 foot view of the action steps necessary to make Evernote work for you.
  Evernote 101 Module At A Glance   Evernote 101 "Module At A Glance" (MAAG):
A detailed, step-by-step checklist that outlines every video to watch, article to read and action to take.
  Evernote 101 Workbook   Evernote 101 Workbook:
A "paint-by-numbers" type of document that guides you through the entire training module.
  26 Evernote 101 How-To Videos   26 Evernote How-To Videos:
Professional videos that share with you important information about using Evernote and show you specific actions to do things right!
  Evernote 101 Strategies   Evernote Junkie Strategies:
These are the "secret sauce" that transform Evernote into a solution that works for you! Each strategy includes a one-sheet overview and video to help you to put it into motion fast!
It's all about using Evernote in the right way.
The question is.....WHAT is the "right way" to use it? The answer to this is that it depends on your personal goals that you are seeking to achieve. If you want to be more productive, than there are a set of Evernote Strategies that you should implement. If you want to lose weight, then there are other strategies that you need to use.
Our Evernote for Busy People training module has been designed to help you to select strategies that will transform the way that you take action and the way that you live. Along the way, we'll also make sure that you know everything that there is to know about HOW to use Evernote.
A sampling of what this training module covers:
  • Why Evernote? (Video 1.2)
  • How To Create An Evernote Account (Video 1.3)
  • Knowledge Management Strategy (Notebooks) (Video 1.6)
  • Knowledge Management Strategy (Tagging) (Video 1.7)
  • Using Evernote On Multiple Devices (Video 1.9)
  • 9 Ways To Add Stuff To Evernote (Video 1.10)
  • Creating Custom Search Strings (Video 1.23)
  • What Is An Evernote Strategy? (Video 1.26)
  • How To Plan & Organized Blog Content (Video 1.27)
  • How To Manage Your Business Taxes (Video 1.28)
  • How To Manage Social Media Content (Video 1.29)
  • And 18 more "how-to" videos (plus templates, resources and checklists)
You NEED To Be Using Evernote!
Evernote is one of those tools that doesn't come around very often. We're faced with so much technology today that most of it thrusts us into BUSYNESS...instead of making our lives easier. If used properly, Evernote is different. It is a life and business-changing tool that you need to be using. Evernote for Busy People has been designed to get you up and running with Evernote as fast as possible.
WANTED: Evernote Experts

Are you already an Evernote expert user? If so, then this is even more reason why you need to claim your access to this free Evernote training course. Even as an expert myself, I continue to learn from other experts like you about new and innovative Evernote strategies. So the chances high that you are going to learn something in this course. On top of that, I'm seeking fellow expert users to put our heads together and come up with new use strategies (I'll tell you more about this after you gain access to the course).

Regardless of your experience with Evernote, I have designed this course for you. Whether you are a beginner, an expert or an "Evernote Junkie", you will get something out of this free Evernote training. And here's the deal...I designed this course to be accessible only to paying members. However, I've changed my mind and have decided to offer the opportunity to gain access to the entire training module for a one-time investment of only $0 (yes, ZERO) dollars. I recommend that you take action right now because I don't intend to keep this training free forever.
Yes, Dr. Brad! I am interested in supercharging the Evernote platform in my life or business! I understand that in exchange for my testimonial or feedback (IF the course helps me) that I will receive the following:
  • A high-quality, PDF Evernote infographic
  • A step-by-step Evernote 101 Strategy Map
  • A "Module At A Glance" (MAAG) document
  • An Evernote for Busy People training workbook
  • 26 "how-to" implementation videos
  • 3 Evernote Strategies (one-sheets plus training videos)
Brad Semp Cashmap Founder  
I look forward to seeing you in the member’s area!

Dr Brad Semp
Dr. Brad Semp
The Busyness Doctor™
(and Evernote Expert & Lover)

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  Carrie Wilkerson

"I've come to the conclusion that Brad has the missing piece of the puzzle for so many business owners! Systems are not sexy - but they really DO drive everything we do! Brad's unique ability to break every process, procedure and task into an easy to understand flow is priceless! If we can reform me - a self-proclaimed systems REBEL - juggling 4 kids, 4 businesses and over 50,000 subscribers...then certainly, he can improve your productivity and profitability, too!"

  Carrie Wilkerson
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  Dr. Brad Semp

Dr. Brad Semp - the world's only Busyness Doctor™ - has a passion for helping entrepreneurs to achieve their goals in HALF (1/2) the time that it would take a "normal" person. With 5 children under 10 years of age, multiple businesses, coaching his kids in baseball and football, teaching 2 college courses, writing a book, speaking and actively involved with church activities, the #1 question that he receives from folks is, "Dr. Brad, how do you get so much stuff done?"

Answering this question is Brad's #1 mission. Not only for himself but to provide the knowledge, skills, attitude, tools and systems that can be used by every single individual he engages with... including YOU.


"Until I was introduced to Dr. Brad and his Cashmaps, I struggled to build my business. I attended many seminars, spent thousands of dollars on training programs and thousands more on coaching programs. Nothing "clicked" in my mind until I started to use Cashmaps and to work with Dr. Brad. My business went from zero to producing over $40,000 this year!"

  Antoinette Wilshaw
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"A little feedback...I'm benefiting from everything so far, but far and away the most enlightening part (and the hardest to get myself to do probably that way for everyone) has been the time tracking exercise. A real eye-opener! I've run across that idea before, but your approach is structured better, more targeted, and made it a lot easier than anything else I've seen."

  Ariel Laurel Strong
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