Evernote Junkie: 3 Signs That You May Be One

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Evernote is a tool that I have become completely dependent upon.  It's safe to say that I'm not alone with a reported 35+ million users and an estimated 1.5 million of those paying for a premium Evernote account.  For me, Evernote is one of the few tools that I use every day.

Evernote Junkie

Are you an Evernote Junkie (EJ)?  An EJ is someone who uses Evernote daily and relies on it as a main tool to do life or to conduct business.  Here are three telltale signs that you just might be.

Sign #1: You use Evernote as much or more than any other website, tool or software application.

You may have passed into EJ status when your usage of Evernote moves beyond the casual uploading of stuff and turns into a full-blown addiction.  Unlike most addictions that are typically unhealthy, regular use of Evernote can de-clutter your life, improve your organization, and boost your productivity.

Sign #2: You find yourself constantly seeking new ways to apply Evernote in your life and business.

It takes some time to figure out exactly what Evernote is and how to use it.  However, EJs are well past the "how to use it" phase and spend the majority of their time applying strategies and looking for new ways that Evernote can streamline life and business.  Most EJs find that there is no shortage of Evernote strategies that can be applied and I've taken the time to document 101 of them in this free Evernote infographic.

Sign #3: Your friends and family-members begin to mock or giggle about your Evernote usage.

Have you ever noticed one or more of your friends or family members saying to you, "Oh, let me guess, you have that stored in your Evernote account, right?"  It's a fairly concrete sign of your "junkie-ness" when the folks who know you best have recognized your habitual use of the powerful tool.

If you find one or more of these signs present in your life than you may benefit from taking our Evernote assessment to test whether you have reached Evernote Junkie status.  If none of these signs relate to you right now, than it is likely that you are hearing about Evernote for the first time or are still becoming familiar with how to make it work for you.  As you progress on the path from Evernote beginner to junkie, you can engage with me and many others in my Evernote Junkies group on LinkedIn.

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