Brad Semp Family

Dr. Brad Semp thinks systems, breathes systems, builds systems, teaches systems, and helps others to use systems to get out of BUSYNESS in life and business.

BUSYNESS FIGHTER: Brad is busy like the rest of us. It is his systems approach to life and business that has allowed him to effectively manage such busyness and share his God-given talents to help others around the globe. Brad practices what he teaches to balance the various pillars of his life: a loving husband, father of 5 children, a businessman, an entrepreneur, lifelong student, PhD, author, church volunteer and goer, consultant, coach, marketer, and Michigan State sports fanatic.

SYSTEMS EXPERT: Brad has spent over 10 years teaching, training and consulting with individuals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporations to develop, implement and optimize business systems of all shapes and flavors. From sales and marketing processes to engineering development. From innovation systems to customer service platforms. From financial management to lead management processes. Dr. Brad and his team have a knack for untangling and optimizing business systems.

HOST OF THE BUSYNESS TV SHOW: Launched in January 2011, Dr. Brad is the host of the #1 WebTV show to combat busyness. The Busyness TV show on is dedicated to helping individuals, entrepreneurs and business leaders live an unbusy lifestyle. Produced in a way similar to ESPN’s PTI show, Brad’s viewer base continues to grow in popularity with a new weekly episode launched every Thursday that can be subscribed to at or via iTunes.

SPEAKER: Brad loves to share his story and approach to business with audiences of all shapes and sizes. He uses his ability to frame audience-specific problems in a story format and provides simple, step-by-step solutions that can be easily digested by audience members. Brad shares how to leverage the power of systems with topics such as How To Unbusy Yourself and BusYness To BusIness: How To Change The Y to I Without Losing Your Life. Contact Brad to inquire about his availability.

ENTREPRENEUR: The "entrepreneurial spirit" from within Brad's belly has shone brightly since he was a young boy. From lemonade stands to golf ball sales, Brad has built up an impressive resume of entrepreneurial accomplishments including the founding of Cashmaps® and - a popular "how to" company that provides step-by-step business growth strategies and tactics on a variety of topics (marketing, traffic generation, financial management, & more) that are delivered in process map format.

EDUCATOR: Dr. Brad loves to share his knowledge, expertise and experience with aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. He does so using a proprietary "Entrepreneur Workflow" in his popular, step-by-step training program for entrepreneurs at Dr. Brad also shares his knowledge as a highly regarded professor teaching within within the B.S. and M.S. Internet Marketing programs at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL.

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