5 Things You Need To Know About Evernote

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If you have been reader of the Busyness Blog for any amount of time, you probably know by now that I am an avid user and proponent of a powerful, web-based application called Evernote. I can honestly say that Evernote is now the single-most important tool in my arsenal as it pertains to my organization, productivity and to living a paperless, clutter-free life.  This is the very first of a series of blog posts that I am calling: Evernote 101.

Under this series, I will be making posts over the next month on how to use and leverage Evernote in your life and business. If you are a current Evernote user, I look forward to your feedback and comments as I share with you how I am using the application. If you are not yet a user, I’d recommend that you create a free Evernote account and then follow this series of posts to get you setup and using the application in ½ the time of other folks.

The Evernote platform has a fast-growing community of avid users. Not only is user adoption rapidly increasing but the ways in which Evernote is being used within the community continues to grow. With fast growth and rapid expansion of use and application, you may find yourself overwhelmed and asking the question, “What are the basics that I need to know to make Evernote work for me?” This is the focus of this first post in my Evernote 101 series. Here are the five things that you need to know and master to use Evernote effectively in your life.

  1. Account Creation & Configuration: Creating an Evernote account is easy and free. Next you must configure your account on your computer and any other devices that you may want to access your notes. This is one of the most important features of Evernote. You are able to access your data from anywhere, at anytime and on any of your electronic devices (computer, smartphone, iPad, other internet connected tablet, etc). You must also consider whether to upgrade to a premium Evernote account or to remain a free user.
  2. Notebook Organization: There are two main considerations to effectively organize your notes within your Evernote account. The first consideration involves creating and using notebooks. Think of a notebook as a folder that has a collection of notes inside of it. You can implement a note organizational strategy that requires any number of notebooks. Other considerations including notebook naming conventions, sharing, synchronization versus localized use, and much more. In Evernote 101, I’m going to cover everything that you need to know about notebooks.
  3. Tagging Strategy: In addition to notebooks, the second key that dictates the organization of your Evernote account is that tag(s) that you assign to each note. It is vital that you understand how tags work, how to add / remove them and ultimately how to develop and follow an effective tagging strategy. As part of this Evernote 101 blog post series, I’ll provide you with the basics of what you need to know about tagging and share my own tagging strategy that I use.
  4. Getting Stuff Into Evernote: Now that you have your account setup and configured and have a plan for organizing your content using notebooks and tags, it is time to start getting stuff into your account by creating notes. There are many easy ways to post information to Evernote that I’ll be covering in my Evernote 101 series. Most are straightforward such as adding notes from your computer, phone, iPad, etc. However, we’ll also cover topics such as scanning, printing and talking to create notes.
  5. Searching & Retrieving Notes: This is by far the one thing that differentiates Evernote from any other knowledge storage system. Evernote converts documents and images into searchable text strings with their Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) system. You are easily able to search text in PDF documents, images, etc. The thing that you need to learn is how to use both basic and advanced search strings within the application. We’ll cover this as we progress with our Evernote 101 series.

There is a massive amount of information that has been published about Evernote (with more coming each day). However, as you get started with this powerful application I recommend that you focus on mastering the five items that I have outlined. As you become comfortable with these you will be

This is the first post under my Evernote 101 series on how to use and leverage Evernote in your life and business. Do you have a specific question about how to do something in Evernote? If so, please comment below and ask. I might even answer your question in a standalone post. If I do, I’ll be sure to credit you. :)

  • http://MaximizingMarriage.com/ Sebs | MaximizingMarriage.com

    Great! Just created an account...Thanks for sharing.

    • http://Busyness.com/ Dr. Brad Semp

      Hey Sebs - you are absolutely welcome.  Have you seen the new Evernote 101 infographic that we just released at http://Busyness.com/evernote-101 for free download?  Watch your email...I'm going to drop you a note / personal invite.  :)

  • Constantinos Evangelou

    great post

    • http://Busyness.com/ Dr. Brad Semp

      Thank you for your feedback, Constantinos!

  • Veronica

    Thanks for the info! I am a student in IMBS and I just began using Evernote since last week, and boy I have been missing out! Thanks for all the great tips... This is helping me out a lot. 

    • http://Busyness.com/ Dr. Brad Semp

      You are welcome.  Have you seen my Evernote 101 infographic where I outline 101 Evernote strategies (ways to use it)?  :)  http://Busyness.com/evernote-101  Enjoy!

  • Jorge Quiñones

    I've had an account but haven't been using it like I'd like to. I look forward to continued post referring Evernote 101 series. Thanks for the post and helpful info.

    • http://Busyness.com/ Dr. Brad Semp

      Hi Jorge - You are welcome!  There's definitely many more Evernote 101 tips coming.  :)  Please let me know if there is anything specific that you'd like me to cover.  Be sure to grab yourself a copy of our free Evernote infographic at http://Busyness.com/evernote-101.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/bernadette.ireland.79 Bernadette Ireland

    just opened an acct ... i am in nursing school and was hoping to simplify organizing class notes, recordings of lectures, images of books, drugs ...

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